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Shout out to the folks at for reviewing the new album Eyes Watchin God. 

Mass-native REKS is out with a concept album—pitting good against evil—mediating between God and the Devil. On this highly political album, REKS collaborates with producer Hazardis Soundz who brings his loud, spiny brand of beats into the mix.

At times Kanye-cocky, at times cool lyricist a la Nas, REKS’ style is versatile. Eyes Watching God definitely deviates from his previous material, not only because it’s a concept album, but because of the tenacity in which he delivers his messages. On 2011 release Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme, also off of Brick Records (andnominated by Boston Music Awards for Album of the Year), REKS’ rap is more introspective, his words picked more prudently, like ripe fruit from a tree; here, his manifesto goes unchecked to the delight of the listener. REKS plays bad apple—and that’s good.

On the intro track REKS wastes no time establishing a furious pace and an unflinching tone, calling to mind any number of Army of the Pharaohs songs: “It’s not about Muslim or Christian / Find us focus / Time to notice the rope tightening on the hopeless.” The listener is made to immediately confront the realities that REKS has clearly been dealing with.

“Free Minds” continues the theme of calling for religious freedom and tolerance. The chorus goes, “The blind lead the blind / As long as you’re faithful you’ll see it my way in time / Free minds are able.” Perhaps REKS should book some shows along the Gaza Strip.

The album tackles many different issues—from religious intolerance to police brutality, to America’s addiction to incarceration, all in the context of God as witness. REKS invites his friends to join his insurgency, half the songs featuring other rappers, including familiar faces Termanology and N.O.R.E. - Jon Simmons ( 

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